Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA






Scott Paul Wines is an artisanal producer of Pinot Noir, based in Carlton, Oregon. Their wines reveal elegance and finesse, the benchmarks of what they consider to be the very heart and soul of Pinot Noir.  Their fruit is sourced from some of the finest vineyards in the Willamette Valley including Maresh Vineyard and their estate vineyard Azana.

In 2014 they launched Wildstock Wines, a multi-varietal family of wines that reflect the creative, independent and wild spirit of Oregon.

They are committed to Pinot perfection, not Pinot pretension.  It’s all about the wines, not the stuffiness.



Marlborough, South Island




Jackson Estate embodies the very best of Marlborough, New Zealand, the essence of fine wine. Jackson Estate is a special place, a testament to the vision and determination of the Stichbury and Jackson families who have farmed the land on the Wairau River plains at Jacksons Road for more than 160 years. The introduction of Wellington businessman John Benton during 2013 as the major shareholder in Jackson Estate ensures the iconic winemaker remains securely in N.Z. ownership.

Since planting our pioneering vineyards, over three decades ago – time, tide and fortune have been kind to Jackson Estate and the unparalleled affinity between Marlborough and fine wine has spectacularly been realised.




Alentejo, in Arraiolos



Monte da Ravasqueira has been linked to the José de Mello family for several generations. Located in the municipality of Arraiolos, about an hour’s drive from Lisbon, the estate occupies a vast area of typical Alentejan landscape. It is managed and run by Sociedade Agrícola D. Diniz, SA.

The excellent geological conditions and the climate are well suited to the production of some of the best wine that the Alentejo has to offer. A great deal has been invested in planting vines and also in modern winemaking equipment and in meteorological and plant-health facilities.




Falorca / T-Nac by Falorca

"This small property is one of the finer properties in the region, making hand-crafted, complex and age-worthy wines that sometimes need a little time but rarely disappoint."  Mark Squires, Oct 2015.

Formed by the Costa Barros de Figueiredo Family, more then five generations ago,  today  consists  of  four  vineyards  on  Silgueiros sub-region, Vale das Escadinhas, Barreiro, Esmoitada and Falorca, with a productive area of 13 ha. All  of  them  have been reconverted over the last 30 years, and a huge investment happened,  with direct intervention in wine production and the building of a modern vinification facility.

Proudly making hand-crafted wines!





Quinta da Alorna was launched in 1723 when D. Pedro de Almeida, First Marquis of Alorna, named the estate after he conquered Alorna Fort in India. Near Tagus River, with ‘bela sombra’, a wonderful and rare tree in the entrance, Quinta da Alorna is known not only for wines of high quality but also for the splendor of whole estate.  With 2.800 hectares area, Quinta da Alorna has been diversifying its business fields based on the principles of sustainability, social responsibility and conservation of natural environment.  Quinta da Alorna wines are made from a wide selection of the best grape varieties and produced according to the most recent vinification technology.  With 220 hectares of vineyards, with grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Alicante Bouschet, Touriga Nacional, Chardonnay, Verdelho and Arinto, Quinta da Alorna produces wines with the quality, excellence and competitiveness requested by national and international markets.



D.O. Ribera del Duero (Santa Marta) & D.O. Toro (Pagos De Miguel),Spain

Vinedos Alonso del Yerro is a story of a passion. The passion shared by all the Alonso del Yerro family since we started this project in 2002 to work out a group of plots thoroughly selected and planted with Tempranillo grapes with the aim of producing high-quality wines following our main principles: respect for the environment, passion for excellence, love for the family and friendship’s value.  Since the beginning, we’ve been surrounded by a group of professionals which understand, as we do, the principles of great wines. We have a team of professionals led by Stéphane Derenoncourt at Finca Santa Marta (Roa, Spain). Thanks to their talent and experience and combined with the passion shared by all the people working at Viñedos Alonso del Yerro, we’ve created two unique wines: Alonso del Yerro and María.  Late in 2007, we decided to widen our wine horizons to the region of Toro by acquiring 9 hectares of Tinta de Toro which have resulted in a new wine, Paydos, following the same qualitative principles of its “brothers” from Ribera del Duero but extracting all the power offered by the Tinta de Toro grape in the best vineyards of the region.


VQA Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys, BC, Canada






Perseus Winery is proud to celebrate the diversity of the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys by farming grapes with some of the best growers in some of the best vineyards in British Columbia. No other BC winery embraces the concept of sub-appellations as thoroughly.  Perseus Winery produces a library of consistent award winning BC wines, led by our flagship Bordeaux-style red blend Invictus.


Okanagan, BC, Canada






‘the hatch’ is the culmination of dreams had by a group of eccentric grapeophiles who have lived and learned the way of the vine for countless years.  ‘the hatch’ is the launching point for a variety of remarkable, unique and rare wines that are certain to set a new level for quality and enjoyment.  ‘The hatch’ is the absolute culmination of the wants and dreams of a select, rare and bizarre cadre of people who are unconcerned about the convention and now have a chance to show the world exactly what real wine and real people are all about. ‘the hatch’ is the direct confluence of all our favourite arts; the liquid arts, the visual arts and the living arts; finally together and together forever.
That answers the ‘what’, but also asked is the ‘why’. Why ‘the hatch’? Because the time is long overdue for something like this to enter your life, and more-so; to make your life that much better. Now it’s time to shut-up and go drink some wine.




Represented by EPIC for LCBO & Vintages

The roots of Gauchezco begin in our historic and legendary vineyard, founded in 1881 by the Governor of Mendoza Tiburcio Benegas in Barrancas – Maipú. In this site, the first grapes of premium quality were planted in Argentina.
Our production is focused in the principle regions of Argentina: Maipu and the Uco Valley in Mendoza Povince & Cafayate in Salta Province.

The long desired dream of the Anesi family came true when they finally purchased their ideal vineyard in the legendary site that is now the Gauchezco Vineyard. With fierce dedication, they continue to make this glorious historic property synonymous with world class wine.


Champagne, France

Established in 1735 by Jean Mandois, this champagne house is led by Claude Mandois (born in 1961), representing the 9th generation since Jean. Claude Mandois is now in charge of following the constant policy of the house and of the continuity of the family philosophy. Independent, Mandois can continue to take the right decisions over the long run, ensure the continuity and the consistency of the style and the quality of its wines. Bringing together tradition and modernity, the family Mandois is faithful to the values of the champagne houses. Champagne Mandois is now sold all over the world and it's quality has made it one of the great Champagne houses.




Katarzyna Estate creates wines in which they invest a lot of aspiration and love. Hence their brands set a standard with their uncontestable superior properties and place Bulgaria in a new light on the world wine map.  Their philosophy is that wine is made in the vineyards, they are just taking care of it while it is in their cellar.  They use traditional winemaking techniques to manifest the uniqueness of their vineyard, its terroir and to make wines, which carry the elegance and refinement of “The Old World” and to find the pure balance between the fruit, acidity, oak and the tannins.


D.O. Ribera del Duero


Wine Enthusiast selected Vina Sastre as the "Best European Winery of the Year (2010) at their Wine Star Awards.  Set in the heart of Ribera in the Burgalese town of La Horra, the winery is surrounded by vineyards.  The whole set-up resembles a french "chateau", and the french influence is evident throughout the estate.  Over five decades ago, a strong love of the land and of wine launched the Sastre family into the mysteries of the volatile world of wine.  The success of their wines is due to the utmost care of the vines, attention to detail, the tranquility and the silence for aging. 


 Ribera del Duero

Pagos de Matanegra is a small wineyard located in the heart and soul of Ribera del Duero, born out from a new generation of author´s vineyards.  We worship good wine. Only one goal guides our passion: to create the best wine that you could wish for.  When you open a wine from Pagos de Mantanegra, you're not just pouring yourself a glass of one of the most extraordinary wines from the winegrowing valley of Ribera del Duero, you're also seeing the soul that went into making it. In each bottle, we put our heart, wisdom, and most of all, our enthusiasm.  Mr. José Luis Escudero and Mr. Cesar Martín, owners of Pagos of Matanegra Wineyard, produce these gourmet wines from their very own vineyards from Ribera del Duero, with biodynamics growing practice with Winter and green pruning by moon cycles.


DO Montsant

Organic Winery

The DO Montsant is located in Spain, in Catalonia area in the province of Tarragona and next to DO Priorat.

The Winery Portal del Montsant belongs to "Parxet Group", that has wineries in the more important Spanish Denominations of Origin. It is, located in the old Marçà's former cooperative, a building dedicated to the elaboration of wines from the beginning of last century.

This cellar of Montsant stands out for working with the traditional varieties: Grenache and carignan, specially this last one, predominant in the southwest zone of the Denomination of Origin. The wines, subtle, flagrant and complex, take their name from the founder of the Cartusian monastic order, Sant Bruno of Cologne. The monks settled in the Priorat region from 1194 and were impellers of the viticulture.


Alto Adige, Northern Italy

Luna Nuda Brand

Luna Nuda is the Italian phrase, meaning “Naked Moon” often used by vintners to describe a clear night sky with a bright full moon shining and shimmering over the beautiful Italian countryside, the fresh smell of dew as it softly dusts the trees carried in the calm whispering breeze.  An experience that has and continues to inspire generations of Italian winemakers.  Luna Nuda was created in Alto Adige Italy at the Castelfeder Wine Estate.  The vines bearing the grapes for these fine Italian wines have seen many generations of naked moons, and we believe there is a little of that energy and beauty inherent in each bottle of our wines. 



Piedmont, Northern Italy

Il Botolo is a boutique winery that is all about passion. Their wines are the reflection of a truly special territory in the heart of Piedmont, which has brought acclaim not only to this region but to Italy. “Great wines are made in the vineyard”, as always been the company philosophy and they still draw inspiration from this proverb today. The journey continues with the same passion, tradition and attention to detail in the vineyards, where a little dog with a big personality that we call “Botolo” keeps them company and who today is the symbol of the Estate.


Bolgheri, Tuscany

The Guado al Melo winery is located in the hills along the coast of Tuscany, in the heart of the Bolgheri DOC zone. The efforts of winegrower Michele Scienza and his family provide the winery’s direction.   With generations of rich viticultural experience, they manage their wine estate in accord with the principles of sustainable and natural agriculture, and their wines are made with sound respect for tradition, avoiding the additives and manipulation that can harm the natural qualities of the grapes.  Our goal is to produce wines that are personal and natural, wines that will be the genuine expression of their place of origin, of those who made them, and of the vines that yielded them.


Montespertoli, Tuscany

Organic Winery

With roots dating back to 1984, this certified organic winery from the territory of Montespertoli which extends between hills, steep slopes and narrow valleys. Thanks to the climate and the exposure of the soil, the area has always been dedicated to the cultivation of the vine. Scenic hilly course, rises to 257 meters above sea level and has a surface area of ​​about 2200 ha. "City of Wine" and "City of Oil", Montespertoli has built on its land products its history.  As Hemingway said wisely, "wine is the epitome of a territory, a culture, a way of life." 



Thirty years ago, a successful industrialist decided to devote himself to his great passion: wine-growing. And so began a fascinating and complex story that culminated in the acquisition and valorization of three very important estates in Tuscany.  The purchase and restoration of an historic monastery (dating from 1000) at Castelnuovo Berardenga, in the heart of the Siena Chianti Classico area, saw the creation of a prestigious agricultural and residential complex, the present-day Castello di Monastero.  Montalcino, the homeland of one of the most famous wines in the world, saw the acquisition and renovation of the Coldisole estate joined. Lastly, the foundation of Poggio alle Sughere in the Tuscan Maremma area.  Production philosophy. Attention focuses on territory and grapes: the wines must be an expression of these two components and highlight there best aspects through attentive management of the vineyards, harvest, vinification and ageing.




La Mancha

El Progresso Coop has been making high quality wines from La Mancha since 1917, always from 100% estate grown fruit from the La Mancha Region.  In 1991, La Mancha was given the distinction of D.O.



Calatayud Designation of Origin

Bodegas San Alejandro was founded in 1962 in Miedes of Aragon (Zaragoza), in a privileged location for the culture of the grapevine, the altitude of its vineyards, the rigor of the climate, the slow ripeness of its grapes, the diversity of its soils and multiple singularities composed by its terroir.  It receives its name in honor to San Alejandro, whose remains are in the Franciscan Convent of the S.XVII of Mudejar style placed in Miedes.  Since then, Bodegas San Alejandro has grown and evolved supporting always its people, its land and its culture. A culture that BSA promotes in more than 30 countries over the world.



Rioja - Still Wines

Canals & Nubiola Brands

Few companies can offer such a diverse and interesting world-wide range, where family ownership and the associated values, remains core to its philosophy as Ferrer Family Wines.  Whatever the size of our wineries, the principles of understanding terroir, producing wines that reflect the characteristics of the region and that can be enjoyed by our loyal consumers around the world remain paramount in our beliefs. Ferrer Family Wines encompasses many of these wineries.


Epic Wines and Spirits is actively looking for family wineries active in or interested in doing business in Ontario from:

  • France

  • Italy

  • Spain

If interested, please contact us at




Chakras Brand

Chakras are said to be “force centers” of energy and considered to be the focal points for receiving and transmitting energy, while Chacras in Spanish translates as a traditional vineyard in the Andes. The Alonso families, founders of Bodega Cruz de Piedra, tend to their Chacras with the stunning vista of the snow-covered Andes in the vineyard’s background. The natural Chakras of the wine are intense heat in the vineyards and the snow on the Andes that becomes precious water flow to feed the vine’s root systems, some as old as thirty-five years.




With  the first vine planted in 1897, Lagarde is one of the oldest wineries in the Mendoza region with Malbec vines over 100 years old. With only two owning families in its history, Lagarde was acquired by the Pescarmona family in 1969.  Today the winery and estate are run by third generation Pescarmonas, sisters Sofia and Lucila Pescarmona. Under their direction, Lagarde creates exceptional terroir character wines that reflect a strong sustainable commitment to the land and its people.  Their wines are made with grapes from our own managed vineyards, adhering to the special conditions each variety needs in order to achieve its maximum expression.


Adelaide Hills, South Australia

"Expect Sophisticated Style, Luxury and Pleasure"


At The Lane Vineyard the Edwards family step to the beat of a different drum.  We dare to be different. We can be irreverent. We are always authentic.  Drink our wine knowing we have grown every berry and made every drop at The Lane capturing the beauty of our vineyard in every glass, neither European nor Australian in style rather the best of both worlds.  



Margaret River, West Australia

Robert Oatley Wines, founded by the late Robert (Bob) Oatley AO BEM in 2006, is a family owned winery led by his eldest son Sandy Oatley who with his father, brother and sister, planted the first Oatley vineyards in the late 1960’s. The trio of labels celebrates Bob Oatley with the Signature Series, exceptional vineyard sites with Finisterre, and the best of the best barrels under The Pennant. Focussing on wines from Margaret River and McLaren Vale, our home is in the stunning Margaret River, with a vineyard and cellar door on Caves Road, in the heart of this great wine region. Consistently scoring over 90 points with the critics and having collected too many medals to detail, a number of the wines have been or are trophy winners but most importantly they’ve resonated with the wine-loving public around Australia and the world. As Bob Oatley said ‘they must be a darned good drink.’




"Wines marked by the personality of the wine country and Queretaro wisdom of Freixenet.”




Freixenet is a family business and the largest producer of sparkling wines in the world and one of the most internationally recognized brands. Finca Sala Vive is their production facility & producer of Still & Sparkling wines in Mexico.  The winery has a long history since 1970.  Back in the 70’s, the Freixenet Group opted for the state of Querétaro as an area with an ideal microclimate for producing wines. There he acquired the land where the House Chamber Vivé and vineyards are located.   Today, Finca Sala Vive is the leading sparkling producer in Mexico. 


Central Otago, South Island




Mount Edward is a small winery located in Central Otago, New Zealand.  Founded in 1997, the winery was started as a personal project of one of the pioneers of Central Otago wine, Alan Brady as a stand alone Pinot Noir and Riesling producer.  Mount Edward has evolved from its humble beginnings to a winery that has vineyards in the best sub regions of Central Otago, producing wines across a number of varieties and styles.  Since 2004, winemaker Duncan Forsyth and proprietor John Buchanan, have focused Mount Edward on growing small batch premium single vineyard wines that reflect site and season.  As part of this, all estate vineyards, and the winery itself, are certified organically.  Our wines are sold around the world however our wines, people, and personality, are 100% Central Otago.




At Folly we draw inspiration from the Belgian farmhouse tradition to brew bright and complex beers fermented with unique blends of Saison yeast and Brettanomyces. Many of our beers feature local and seasonal ingredients, new and expressive hop varieties, and are fermented and aged in barrels that previously held wine, cognac or bourbon. Our goal is to produce fun and engaging beer that provides a new perspective on a rich brewing tradition.  We hope you enjoy our craft beer.


Hawkes Bay - North Island

"Heritage - Innovation - Experience - Integrity.”




When Assid Abraham Corban left Lebanon in 1891, he brought with him a 300 year winemaking heritage. Ngatarawa was one of New Zealand's earliest boutique wineries.  Today cousins Alwyn Corban and Brian Corban continue the heritage and craft of the Corban family of winemakers at Ngatarawa in Hawke's Bay. 

Ngatarawa is a successful, family-owned winery internationally acclaimed for its Bordeaux style red wines, Syrah, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and dessert wine.  Innovation and integrity are hallmarks of the Corban family’s success in the wine industry.


Central Otago, South Island

“A pure expression of Central Otago.”




Rockburn takes its name from the rugged, rock-strewn, burn-scarred landscape of Central Otago. The region is renowned for its stunning scenery of rugged mountains and picturesque lakes.  Nestled on the 45th parallel we share a climate that is similar to Burgundy, the great Pinot Noir producing region of the world.

Rockburn is a Privately Owned 100% New Zealand Winery with a history dating back to the late 1990’s.  It is one of the largest vineyard landholders in Central Otago.   All wine exhibit strong varietal characteristics, typical of the region.  Rockburn wines represent incredib le value and is a prolific award winner.


Marlborough - South Island

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Wairau River (pronounced why-row) produces wines exclusively sourced from our family estate vineyards first established in 1978 by Phil & Chris Rose.

Hand tended in small batches from vine to bottle, low crops and ultra ripe fruit are utilised to produce premium wine that has become renowned for exhibiting intense fruit characteristics and classical elegance.

With nine estate vineyards of around 700 acres, Wairau River Wines can maintain total commitment to quality by carefully managing these sites to keep yields low and quality high.

The extended Rose family are all heavily involved in the business – so we are a true family owned and managed winery.



Walla Walla, Washington, USA

"Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” – Mae West





DaMa, the Spanish word for lady, embodies elegance, style and strength.  Founded in 2007,   DaMa quickly evolved into a powerhouse of women in wine under the direction of “Grand DaMa” Mary Tuuri Derby and whip-smart business maven Judith Shulman. The ladies at DaMa Wines are committed to bringing you wines that are a balanced, graceful expression of world class terroir that are not of fad or fashion.



Columbia Valley & Wahluke Slope, Washington, USA






In 2008, Purple Star set out to start a winery with a specific vision: to embody the soul of wine from vineyard to bottle to table. Their philosophy is that wine should be accessible, approachable, and affordable. But most of all, a wine’s purpose is to bring together family and friends!  With 10 years of viticulture and winemaking experience in Washington State, they know a thing or two about making wine. For starters, Purple Star’s varietal blends are grown from some of Washington State’s finest appellations including Wahluke Slope, Yakima Valley and Red Mountain. With grapes handpicked at their optimal flavor profile and juice fermented at cooler temperatures for longer periods, our wines exhibit softer tannins and retain more varietal character.  Purple Star has a pay it forward approach -  15% of Purple Star Wines’ proceeds to Seattle Children’s Hospital 



Oregon, USA






R. Stuart & Co. is a winery specializing in Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, located in McMinnville, Oregon. Winemaker Rob Stuart gathers the best fruit possible to make wines that are friendly and approachable for real people to enjoy with their friends, family and good food.  The wines with the Big Fire label—Pinot gris, Pinot noir and dry Rosé—are fresh, lively and friendly, intended for everyday drinking. The LOVE Oregon label - Pinot Noir, Riesling and White Sky Blend - are honest, straightforward, no frills, kind of like the lives of those early pioneers. 



Paarl / Swartland, South Africa





Painted Wolf Wines is a dynamic and innovative South African wine company. They are dedicated to the production of authentic, distinct and delicious wines, and to the conservation of African wild dogs and their natural habitat.  They produce wines with a distinctive South African feel, and to that end focus largely on wines crafted from Chenin Blanc and Pinotage – the two bench mark South African grape varieties, The grapes are sourced from their pack members vineyards, which are low yielding, mostly unirrigated and farmed organically or with minimal non organic inputs.


Stellenbosch, South Africa





An icon in the South African wine landscape.  Thelema is a family owned and managed wine estate and the home of Thelema and Sutherland Vineyards wines. Thelema, situated on the spectacular Helshoogte Pass with elevations that range between 370 to 640 meters above sea level and mainly south-facing slopes, is also one of the highest and coolest estates in the area. The high altitude and the deep red soils are ideal for premium quality wine grape production. Thelema does not buy any grapes and all wines are bottled on the estate.  Thelema was recently rated one of the world's top 100 estates.


Colchagua Valley, Chile




Established in 2003, Viña Santa Cruz was founded with the goal of producing premium wines in Chile’s Colchagua Valley. The grounds of the vineyard opened to the public in 2006, and today its wines are known throughout Chile and abroad.  The mission of Viña Santa Cruz is to create wines of the highest quality in a sustainable manner, respecting the terroir of the valley, its workers and nearby communities. The vineyard was certified as a Sustainable Vineyard in December 2011. Due to their unique granite-based soil conditions, Viña Santa Cruz is able to produce a variety of distinct wines that express the unique traits of Colchagua Valley.   Their wines are inspired by the indigenous people of Chile and their cultures.




“This is a country where the name of the producer is the most important element on the label.  Te best producer is Carrau.”  - Hugh Johnson




The Carrau family first began to grow wines in the famous wine region of Cataluña, Spain in 1752. In 1930 they moved to Uruguay to Las Violetas region in South America to continue this tradition.  Since that time, the Carrau family has been part of a small group of families in the world that have been devoted quietly, yet without pause, to the development of a tradition currently representing ten uninterrupted generations of wine producers. Nowadays, Bodegas Carrau is a family company, five siblings, determined to do honour to more than 250 years of wisdom generated by their ancestors.  


Epic Wines and Spirits is actively looking for family wineries active in or interested in doing business in Ontario from:


  • Argentina

  • California

  • Washington

  • Oregon

If interested, please contact us at



​Epic Wines and Spirits is actively looking for craft or specialty brewers active in or interested in doing business in Ontario.

If interested, please contact us at




Quinta de São João & Quinta do Alqueve

The Pinhal da Torre Winery differs largely from other producers in the region since they only use their own grapes in the production of their wines.  Their motive is to produce the best wine from the best grapes and the best varieties.  Thus, knowledge of the particularities of each variety, limited production for the quality and great respect for nature and the fruit are the main reason the quality of our wines that come from the Quinta de São João and Quinta do Alqueve.


Friuli, Northern Italy



Founder Eugenio never imagined that a century after the Collavini began their family run vineyard in 1896 that their wine would spread throughout the world. It was Giovanni’s son Manlio who noticed the first signs of major changes and indeed almost anticipated them. He was one of the first to take Friulian wines abroad.  The love for Friuli have today placed the winery at the top of territorial production.  Today, Collavini is a family-owned limited company  managed by Manlio and his sons Giovanni, Luigi and Eugenio.


VQA Niagara Peninsula, ONTARIO, Canada






In 2005 Canadian Golf Icon and Masters champion, Mike Weir launched Mike Weir Estate Winery to showcase the world class wines being made in Ontario’s Niagara Peninsula. The first Canadian celebrity wine was immediately met with critical acclaim and consumer enthusiasm across Canada. To date, Mike’s wines have garnered numerous gold medals in both national and international competitions. In 2014, Mike opened his showpiece winery, located on the famed Beamsville Bench in the heart of the Niagara Peninsula, the winery offers visitors one of the most stunning views of the Toronto skyline, numerous hiking trails through its rolling vineyards and seasonal patio fare during summer weekends.



VQA Niagara Peninsula, ONTARIO, Canada









Stoney Ridge Estate Winery opened its doors July 1985 and was the 18th winery in Canada to receive its license. In 2013 one of Canada's best known radio and television personalities became the new owner of Stoney Ridge Winery. Bob McCown is a sports broadcasting legend and currently can be seen and heard as host of Prime Time on The Fan 590 Radio and coast to coast on Sportsnet TV. Today Stoney Ridge Estate Winery continues to produce a wide array of 100% Niagara wines with the help of head winemaker, Jeff Hundertmark, featuring a full complement of VQA varietals and Icewines. In addition, Stoney Ridge is now the proud partner of The Tragically Hip, producing the Fully Completely Grand Red Reserve which has quickly become one of the fastest selling wines in Canadian history.



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