Kevin Lynch



2001 - LCBO Elsie Award - Supplier of the Year

LCBO - June 2001


Additional Honors & Awards

2002 Elsie Award - LCBO Retail Partnership Award (Individual Award)
2011 Elsie Award - LCBO Supplier of the Year


Linked-In Endorsements

575+ personal endorsements as a testimony to Kevin's strengths, particularly in the areas of strategy, sales management, FMCG, Wine, Trade Marketing & Brand Management.





Andrew Frost - Innovation Manager at Molson Coors Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Kevin at Mark Anthony Brands for over four years. Kevin was instrumental in building solid relationships with Central and Eastern Canadian partners, which in turn helped strengthen and grow the portfolio I managed. His ability to lead and motivate his sales team guaranteed outstanding execution of new product launches and marketing initiatives. I hope to some day work with Kevin again and I can confidently recommend his sales and leadership skills to anyone. Nov 2009



Andrea Backstrom – National Portfolio Manager at Mark Anthony Group

Kevin is very well known and well respected in the alcohol beverage industry in Canada. I have had the pleasure of working for Kevin as VP - Partner Brands and have learned a wealth of knowledge in a short amount of time. Kevin is a passionate, results oriented leader with a great ability to support, inspire and teach his team. I would recommend Kevin for any leadership role. Dec 2012


Emily Altoft - Sales Manager at Mark Anthony Group

Kevin is an inspirational leader at Mark Anthony Brands and has been a mentor to myself as I continue to develop my career at Mark Anthony. I reported directly to Kevin for over 3 years during which time the results of his leadership produced significant growth in the Ontario market. Kevin’s approachable demeanor demonstrates great leadership as he always makes time to provide direction and find solutions. Kevin has now been promoted to VP of Partner Brands at Mark Anthony where I am fortunate to still work closely with him and have his guidance. I highly recommend Kevin to any organization looking for a strong leader. Nov 2012



Steven Clark, CHRP - Vice PResident of Human Resources, Health & Safety - Quantum Murray LP
Kevin is fantastic sales executive who intuitively grasps the concepts of building and motivating a high performing sales team. He is an engaged leader and I am lucky to work with him. He's helped me gain understanding of our sales function and our industry and has made me a better HR partner as a result. July 2010



Andrew Scollick - Managing Director - Executive Search Recruiter / Career Change & Growth Consultant - Oil - Mining - Engineering - IT

As a client, Kevin is just excellent to work with. Highly energetic and charismatic, Kevin has great follow-up ability, acts with a high degree of responsiveness, trust & openness in communications, and he's very down-to-earth and mindful of others. Based on what I have experienced in my business dealings with Kevin, I strongly recommend him to organizations interested in working with highly engaged, first-class partners.  Sept 2009 


Daphne Christie




          4 time nominee 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010



14 time winner - Wine Partnership (2008, 2005, 2003, 1998, 1997), Retail Partnership, Best Special Event (2008), Best On-Premise Program (2005, 2003), Best Gift Pack Wines (2006), Best IMAGE Program (2001), Best New Product Launch Wines (2000, 1998), Agent of the Year (1998)



        Southcorp Wines – Chairman Emeritus & Canadian GM





John W. Gay - Consultant to the Adult Beverage Industry

Daphne Christie may be the best wine executive in Canada.  She is without doubt the best one I know.  She can do and does do everything necessary to insure a wine brand’s success in all provinces, in all trade channels and in every aspect of brand building.  Excellent in every respect best defines her capabilities and her character.  Dec 2012



Javier Santos as LCBO, Director of Wine (2005 - 2008)

I met Daphne during the time I worked at the LCBO as Director of Wine (2005-2008).  I always liked working with Daphne, she is professional and personable. Daphne always came prepared to the meetings, and knew her products and business. She got many things done because she knew how to deal with the LCBO and had great relationships with the staff.  I strongly recommend Daphne to represent wine brands in Canada.  Dec 2012



Mark Owens – Beam Inc. - Director of Sales Ontario/ National Duty Free

I had the pleasure and honour of working under Daphne's mentorship for 5 years. First and foremost, her outstanding leadership with the organization was best in class. She was driven to deliver and exceed internal objectives from both a volume and the critically important value and profit measure. Daphne continually delivered outstanding strategic plans backed with sound and financially responsible metrics. Her customer relationships are second to none, proven by the many awards granted to her by various external organizations. Daphne's success has been driven by her innate ability to collaborate with various partners- including employees, customers and consumers. She delivers this in a passionate, ethical and strategic manner.  I would not hesitate in recommending Daphne to those looking for support and guidance in the diverse Canadian marketplace.  April 2013


Daniel Lavergne – Treasury Wine Estates - Regional Director

I had the privilege to have Daphne Christie as a mentor for 8 years.  She is in my opinion one of the best Sales and Marketing senior management executives in the wine industry in Canada. She is very analytical and knows the market inside out.  She always acts profitably for her employer or supplier.  She is very respected from liquor board across the country and I would recommend any supplier to give Daphne their business because she will bring that business to a much higher level of performance not only in volume but most importantly in revenue….   Dec 2012



Cathy Elliot - The Key Search Group - Managing Partner

I had the pleasure of being the Southcorp/Fosters Wine Estates recruiter; assisting Daphne and the organization build the team.  I always found Daphne, as the VP of Eastern Canada and the decision maker, to be a great leader whose high standard of work ethic was translated to her employees and her suppliers alike. Those standards have translated to a high percentage of Daphne’s former team to have gone on to senior roles in beverage alcohol... For any producer who wants seamless management of their brands in the Canadian Marketplace I would recommend partnering with Daphne.  Dec 2012


John Costello - - Principal

Daphne Christie knows wine, knows how to bring it to market, and knows how to support it once it is there. Daphne both got the listings and got results for those listings. Daphne brings a holistic approach to the entire value chain for the products that she chooses to represent… I highly recommend Daphne ... Nov '12


Jeff Chapleau – Marketlink Solutions – President

Daphne is a true connoisseur that has mixed her passion for business with her love of wine.  Daphne brings a winning combination of strategy, decisiveness, leadership and executional excellence to drive results for her brands….. If I was looking to drive inroads for my brands in the Canadian marketplace, I would turn to Daphne to ensure its success.  Oct 2012